Know More About Dubai Transit Visa

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Not many visitors know that they become eligible for a transit visa the moment they land on Dubai airport. Through the transit visa for Dubai, you have at least 96 hours to spend time traveling and having fun at one of the top tourist spots in the Middle East. If that’s not the case, and you have a full fledged plan to travel to Dubai, you can always acquire any of the several visit visa plans available for tourists. However, you should be clear about the package you want to acquire for spending your holidays at Dubai. This is so because you wouldn’t want to spend your precious holidays dealing with visa issues. As such, it makes sense to know as much about Dubai visa change as you can. Doing so will only make you feel relax and enjoy the tour to the fullest. Here is more on how to get your visa related troubles sorted out:

Transit Visa

Contrary to what was once the case, Dubai immigration authority has made acquiring transit visa extremely easy. Now you can apply for a transit visa for up to 96 hours before leaving Dubai. However, there are a few things you need to know beforehand to understand the requirements of a transit visa. Firstly, in order to acquire a transit visa, you must stay in a local hotel. This is mandatory and without it, you cannot apply for a transit visa. However, the easy part is that you can book your hotel reservation even before arriving to Dubai airport via phone, or have it booked online. In either case, your booking will be considered legitimate and you will not land into troubled waters due to it.

In case you didn’t have time to do so, you can also avail booking facility through many hotel booking facilities that are available at the Dubai airport. In both cases, your booking will remain valid. Don’t forget to bring your original passport and the ticket for the flight. After paying AD 170, you will get your 96-hour transit visa.

Violating the Visa Requirements

Though acquiring the transit visa is a great way to have quick fun time in Dubai, you should not violate the terms you agreed for the visa.

Keep in mind that you can get the transit visa as guests, which means you shouldn’t exceed your 96-hour visa limit. Doing so can have severe consequences.