Looking For The Best Private School In Dubai? Read This First

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Now that your child has reached school going age, it is time to search the right school. Dubai residents often stumble on the first step, and some of them end up making wrong decisions. Wondering what decision they often make? They look at miscellaneous things instead of focusing on the most fundamental factor. Though affordability may become an issue for many parents, education of your child must never be compromised. After all, it is the matter of your kid’s future, something that parents would love to put on the right track. Coming back to schools, choosing the best school for your child can be quite a tricky affair. This is so because most schools in Dubai are them private or government, excel at providing quality education. Naturally, the competition is stiff between both types of schools but the ultimate benefit of this competition always goes to the child, and parents. However, some of the best private schools in Dubai always maintain an edge over the competition through several different ways. Here is more on why admitting your child to a private school is the best option:

Rising Popularity Of Private Schools

Though most public and private schools carry the same aim i.e. to give your child the best education possible, some schools take an edge over others. A closer look at primary schools operating from Dubai will reveal you this difference, and many others. The same fact was admitted by Knowledge And Human Development Authority report.

The report concludes that a large majority of Emiratis prefer admitting their children into private schools and the trend is fast catching up. Back in 2014, around 3.3% more children were admitted to private schools compared to public schools. This difference added to the overall preference which was 57% in the previous year and now stands at around 60%. If the trend continues, we might see around 70% Dubai citizens admitting their children to private schools by 2020, a trend that public schools will not accept. However, other factors also are equally important such as extracurricular activities and sports. Overall, it all comes down to education as well as the development of your child.

British curriculum schools in Dubai are doing reasonably well for the reasons mentioned above.