Benefits of serviced apartments

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Service apartments are coming into their own with the amount of apartment units in the city on the increase to keep up with demand from business, relocations and leisure. Business travel can be both occasional and frequent but for businesses that need to send staff to different parts of Australia regularly it can mean this equals a large financial cost. As it is now becoming increasingly important for businesses to lower costs for travel and accommodation in the current global recession, many are seeking to ensure costs are kept as cost effective as possible. As apartments can start from $80 per night, they are good value for money.

Self-contained studio for rent in Business Bay can further reduce costs for business trips with multiple guests because for example; a two-bedroom apartment can be much more cost effective than two individual hotel rooms because your only paying one price plus you get so much more space. Serviced apartments very often also offer put up beds if you really do want to maximize occupancy to reduce costs.

You have the comforts of living like you would at home as most apartments have modern necessities. These include having the internet already installed, so you don’t have the nuisance of having to install it, because this can be time consuming for the short-term traveler and it can be a necessity for longer term stays especially for business trips. You may require or desire particular services, and apartments offer many different services. As Business Bay apartments for rent compete with hotels, they have to ensure that everything is of equal or superior standard such as bedding, furniture, entertainment systems, toiletries and bath towels. Also, whether you need a gym in the building, a swimming pool to relax and cool, apartments suitable for meetings, laundry and maid services or whatever your needs may be, there is a plethora of choice. When sourcing the best apartment, telling your agent what services you would require will help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Serviced apartments do come with a flexibility that hotels don’t have. This is because they aren’t only fully furnished, they have a fully equipped kitchen and living space so you can just get on with what it may be that you are in the city for. Whether it is work relocation, settling straight into business or a big assignment or if you are deciding whether you would like to live in a particular area, everything is possible in such a setting. A serviced is basically like renting a flat but with hotel services, just for better value for money.